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Battle depression and build bridges to your friends on iOS.

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Warlord Tactics

A devilishly tactical game for iOS, similar to Hearthstone or Magic: the Gathering.

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The Joy of Craft

Money equals happiness. Success means satisfaction. Or so the world tells us. Creativity, achievement, and rewards will leave us empty if we don’t find joy in the pursuit of these things. And many of us don’t, despite our hopeful expectations.

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What I Learned From Prison Inmates

The other day, I spent my morning volunteering an the San Quentin prison with a program called The Last Mile. As Wired recently reported, this nonprofit seeks to help inmates prepare to get a job on the outside. I was as shocked as anybody when a friend of mine called up asking me to teach advanced […]

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What Make The Game of “Go” So Hard to Learn?

This weekend, a friend of mine brought a “Go” board to a party. I’d heard a lot about this notoriously complex and ancient game. Most recently, it was in the news because a computer finally beat a master Go player. This triumph of computer programming illustrates just how hard Go is. Computers were regularly beating […]

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The Lost Art of Compilation for Authors and Students

There is an essential skill which many of us have lost. This loss is a symptom of how easy it is to publish. Or tweet. Blog. Snap. Broadcast. Record. Our filters have dropped. We say what is on our minds and hope for a “like.” Really, our ancestors were no different. They wanted the same social approval. […]

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Can Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Make You Smarter?

Was there ever a time when you needed to learn something and your brain just felt too foggy that day? In the near future, you might be able to get an electrical shock to the brain instead of a cup of coffee to prepare your neurons for learning. New research from the Catholic University Medical […]

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